Looking for a place to grow and put your talent to work?

What a coincidence! We’re looking for talented new colleagues to join us and grow with us.

Learning & Mentoring

It’s all about cooperation, sharing and investing in your knowledge. Not just senior colleagues, but younger ones as well - everyone is invited and pushed to transfer knowledge, share resources and help others grow.

The knowledge you came with is just a starting point. You can only go upwards.

Developer smiling at the office party
Design team workshop in conference room

Continuous Improvement

We are focused on ensuring that we are always moving forward, delivering the best results, and creating a great place to work.

We believe that everyone has the potential to contribute to our company's growth and success, and encourage all our employees to be proactive when it comes to the improvement of a company as a whole.

Work-life Balance

Your health and general well-being come first, so do what you must to make that happen first – your success and achievements at work will then easily follow.

Choose your working hours, work from home when you need it, take a break to complete your private obligations – we can work it all out.

Developer smiling at the office party

Job Openings

Find your team.

Find a place where your talents, your knowledge and experience will have a place to shine.

Backend developer

Our behind-the-curtain backend developers do magic with C# and ASP.NET, but we appreciate you knowing the principles of object-oriented programming and some OO language, all else can be taught.

UI developer

You enjoy crafting beautiful and intuitive UIs, and have a passion for using front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to bring designs to life? Pair your knowledge with designers and back-end developers and work on enhancing user experiences.

UI/UX designer

Are you a group or a frame person? If you have an eye for awesome typography, love breaking the grid, and enjoy enhancing digital experiences for people using the products, this position might be for you.

Frontend developer Currently we're not hiring for this position

If you are someone who likes bringing the code to life by making everything look and feel good for the end user, with the help of JavaScript and its frameworks, this is the perfect gig for you.

Mobile developer Currently we're not hiring for this position

You might work with native code for iOS or Android, or you might use a framework like Flutter or React Native to build cross-platform apps. Whatever the approach, you will always be pushing the boundaries of what's possible and making a real impact on the world.

Project manager Currently we're not hiring for this position

All the other roles need a leader, someone who will steer them to success and keep everything organized and on track, while also making sure the project is completed within time and budget. Do you want to be the glue that holds it all together?

Software tester

No one likes to break the code more than you do? You can think outside the box and can think of creative ways of testing the software? In that case, you are the person we need to ensure we have high-quality software.

DevOps engineer Currently we're not hiring for this position

We need someone to help us keep everything running as smoothly as it does, to maintain, plan and implement, to monitor, optimize and scale. So, if you don’t mind wearing a cape to work, this is definitely the job for you.

Our Selection Process


Send us your CV and a short introduction to start the flow. Our team will contact you within 24 hours and provide you with feedback.

Test Assignment

You will have enough time to solve it, along with our help and mentorship. Additionally, if you win us over with your CV and experience, we might just skip this step and move straight to the next one.

Technical Discussion

A talk with one of our team leads. This is where we get a bit more serious about your knowledge and understanding of necessary practices and languages. You will have a chance to present yourself, and we will present Mono and our culture.

Final Offer

If we're a good fit, this is it. All that is left is signing some papers, collecting your brand new Mono swag and starting the onboarding.


Personal Development
We want you to grow as a professional and an individual. That is why we provide resources for our employees to learn new skills or advance their careers, promote visiting important IT events and regularly create career advancement opportunities such as offering promotions and leadership roles.
Guidance and Mentoring
Colleagues with less experience will have mentors who will guide them along the way, and all team members will have a senior team lead who will provide feedback, support, and guidance as needed. Also, to help everyone grow, including us as a company and an employer, we promote two-way feedback.
Putting a Value on Your Work
We’re well aware no one works just for the love of it. So, first things first, we will make sure your experience, knowledge, and efforts are adequately paid for at the start, but also recognized and awarded as you continue to grow - no good effort will go unseen.
Flexible working hours
An early bird, a night owl – no matter which bird you identify with, we got you! Work whenever suits you and your private life best, as long as you get your job done, your team is synchronized and the goals are achieved.
Remote Work Options
We work wonders from our amazing new building at the center of Osijek’s growing IT world, wouldn’t it be a shame if you didn’t join us there? While seniors can choose the full remote option, feel free to make your schedule hybrid if some days you can’t come to the office.
Exceptional Conditions
We believe that, in order to do your best work, you need the best tools and resources at your disposal. That’s why we ensured not only the best working equipment, but we also have a comfy place for you in our new top-notch building, at the forefront of the growing IT center.

Don't forget to have a little fun along the way

Jumpstart your IT career

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