We develop amazing software products.

A small sampling of the products we have built over the years for users from various industries around the globe.

From pharma and medicine to banking and finance; from recruitment and transportation to real estate and gaming - you name it, we can build it.

With more than 20 years of experience, we have domain knowledge, technology expertise and passion for creating high quality solutions and can cover every aspect of custom software production.

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Security • Construction management • Recruitment • Fintech • Pharma • Medicine • Transport • Real estate • Veterinary Medicine • Law enofrcement

Custom-built software

We implemented hundreds of software products and services of all sizes for our clients.

Deep Learning for Medical Imaging illustration

Deep learning for medical imaging

A proof-of-concept project for a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system for automating segmenting and classification of orthopedic MRI, focusing on knee scans, using Machine Learning (ML) techniques.

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Web Crawling Platform illustration

Web crawling platform

How to crawl millions of web pages from hundreds of different web sites and extract only relevant data from them every month?

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Background Screening System illustration

Background screening system

Implementing a scalable SaaS background check solution that covers all relevant data sources from social media, search engines and government services providing criminal or civil records.

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Background Screening System illustration

Specialized music streaming service

How we built a music streaming platform that aligns with the values and music preferences of specific communities and uses both specialized client devices and mobile apps.

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Our products

Mono is not all about custom software development. We have delivered a wide range of our own products, and are ready to apply our rich experience and domain knowledge to your projects.

eCTD Office Software illustration

Mono eCTD Office

Suite of integrated eCTD / NeeS / VNeeS software products for the creation, validation, publishing, viewing and manipulation of regulatory documentation for electronic submissions by pharmaceutical companies to regulatory authorities.

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ECTD Validator illustration

Mono eCTD Validator

Free, super-fast, stand-alone Windows desktop application for the technical validation of electronic submissions / regulatory transactions prepared in the eCTD (Electronic Common Technical Document) format.

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ECTD Viewer illustration

Mono eCTD Viewer

Free, stand-alone, easy to use Windows desktop software application for reviewing and understanding the granularity and the lifecycle of electronic submissions prepared in the eCTD, NeeS, VNeeS and other electronic dossier formats.

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TPS Office illustration

Mono TPS Office

Suite of integrated software products for the creation, validation, publishing and viewing of Tobacco Product Submissions for CTP / FDA.

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Baasic illustration


Covering all aspects of web and mobile application development, Baasic is a fully-featured Backend as a Service (BaaS) environment.

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Clokke illustration


The simplest time tracking tool that keeps work organized and clients happy.

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