We know how to jumpstart your IT career.

Starting a new endeavor can be challenging, which is why we aim to provide assistance and support.

With Mono, the path to a new career in IT is widely open. We put your motivation first, and lack of experience or education far on the bottom. With the right tools, attitude, mentorship, and support, success – and a job offer – are guaranteed.

Field experts • Hands-on experience • Theoretical knowledge • Soft skills • Free programs

Student Internships

Getting to really know what it means to work on an IT project, followed by experienced mentors who provide feedback and guidance along the way.


Held at least three times a year, development internships help raise future developers. Our lecturers grow your knowledge in backend (C#, .NET) and frontend (JS, React) transferring both theoretical and practical knowledge they have from years of working as professional developers.


Under the watchful eye of Mono’s experienced software testers, students get a chance to learn the whats and hows of delivering bug-free top-quality software. From theory to practice, manual to automated testing, writing test cases and bug reports - everything is covered.

Quality Assurance students


All students of IT-related programs inside and outside of Osijek.


Apply here and we’ll let you know when the next round starts or whether there is some other way you could join us.


Practice theory working within teams to emulate real software projects, develop valuable professional connections, gain experience and maybe even a job offer.

Courses and Academies

We can turn your world upside down! With some basic knowledge, a strong motivation and a bunch of good will, no lack of professional experience will stop you from entering the world of IT.

Friends of Figma, Osijek meeetup

Mathos Bootcamp

A free month-long program organized by experts from Mono and Mathos to train potential web developers. Covering the basics of OOP, web technologies and relational databases, project issues, and teamwork, the applicants gain what it takes to make a start in a new career.

ELPROS Courses

Offering two different paths - frontend with React or backend with C# - this makes for an amazing free opportunity for the initial steps in IT, with lectures, guidance, feedback and mentorship by Mono’s technical lecturers who are experts in the field.

Digital Design Academy

An opportunity for all design enthusiasts to learn from a list of professional designers, covering various design topics, but also reviewing and mentoring the creation of candidates’ first portfolios.


Application is available to anyone who has basic knowledge in the mentioned fields.


Information about new rounds of these free courses will be published via blog updates and social media.


A free opportunity to learn from people who have been in IT for years and know what it takes to push your career forward, with an added bonus of a potential job offer from Mono!

The next step in your career.

Apply for an internship or tell us what skills you want to perfect and we’ll try to find a place for you.