We use Python to build smart software solutions.

We choose Python for rapid development of feature-rich web and machine learning applications, taking advantage of the immense quantity and quality of its mature libraries.

Rapid prototyping and quick MVP

Multiple programming paradigms it supports (object-oriented, functional and aspect-oriented programming) and powerful language features allow us to use Python for developing large and complex software applications.

A wide range of use

We frequently use Python on projects that facilitate data analysis, visualization, and artificial intelligence techniques. From simple applications that run on embedded hardware, to complex machine learning solutions for analyzing MR imagery, Python proves to be an ideal tool for delivering sophisticated solutions quickly and efficiently.

Automatic diagnostics of MRI scans using deep neural networks

scale with us

Our team can build all kinds of software systems according to your specifications using Python and the accompanying tech stack.

We will also use Python in distributed environments (for example, microservice architecture) for components or services that need its unique advantages (machine learning, data science, etc.).

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