We augment in-house IT teams to add missing tech skills.
Get immediate access to some of the best IT professionals, while maintaining your strategic competencies within your company. Our developers and architects will add missing skills and boost your teams to help you to faster achieve goals and meet unique product requirements.

Many companies around the world cannot hire the right local tech talent on time. Some are unhappy with high attrition rates of in-house teams or need to quickly scale their delivery capacity.

Whatever the reason, our team extension services will allow you to augment your teams with selected, competent professionals that will match or exceed the productivity of your internal team members and match your budget.

What is a team extension model?

The team extension model, frequently present in outsourcing scenarios, enhances the capabilities of an existing team by bringing in external expertise. The primary objective of this approach is to address project requirements by filling any skill and experience deficiencies within the team.

This extension service allows you to maintain control over the entire project team, as the new developers we provide complement your existing team rather than replacing it. Essentially, they become an integrated part of your company for the duration of the project.

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How we do it

Team setup

In a team extension model, our first priority is to set up a fully functional core team. Their goal is to become familiar with your corporate culture, business domain knowledge, development technologies and management methodologies. In subsequent phases, they are able to transfer this knowledge to new team members without the need for client involvement.

Scaling to your needs

With several hundreds of full-time employees in technical roles, we can cover a lot of ground and successfully handle projects of all sizes. You will benefit not only from instant capacity, but also from flexibility to scale the team size up and down as business goals change over time.

Close collaboration

Our team is based in Europe, allowing for at least several hours of time to overlap with most of our clients and partners. If a project needs even closer collaboration, our team members can operate onshore.

Dedicated teams

An alternative approach, known as a dedicated development team, frees up your time completely to focus on the company's core competencies and business side. The hired team is fully responsible for gathering the right human resources, managing the project, its quality control and delivery. You enhance your business productivity, while software development is delegated to professionals from our team, with their own management and frameworks.

Boost your team.

Let us know if you need to augment your in-house IT team and bring products to market faster. We can offer some expert advice on how to do it.