We have worked with .NET for more than two decades.

From early Win Forms and Web Forms applications, through more complex ASP.NET MVC layered architectures, to full blown, cloud-based solutions based on microservices, our team has always adopted the best engineering practices and built reliable and scalable software.

Early 2000’s

Mono team in early 2000's

Our .NET journey

We have started our .NET journey by building custom solutions and Web controls - scheduler, data grid, formatted textboxes, calendars, file managers, … These products were successfully shipped through the early 2000s to thousands of end users.

Mono provides full-cycle .NET custom development services resulting in robust and scalable .NET web, desktop and mobile solutions that can run in virtually any environment.

MonoX — CMS Framework

Along with dozens custom development projects using .NET framework, we’ve built several versions of MonoX, a free and massively popular content management and social networking platform based on Web Forms and Web parts frameworks. It still powers hundreds of web sites and applications all over the world.

MonoX - Free ASP.NET Content Management and Social Networking Platform

Baasic — service for a new era

More recently, we created Baasic, a completely modular, pluggable, scalable, secure and technology-agnostic framework and service for rapid development of web and mobile apps.

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